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STPI is an ISO certified organization. All processes followed are well documented.


Following is the trouble shooting process


  • Customer can log an outage call through telephone.
  • As soon as the customer calls, a trouble ticket is generated by the FRMS and customer is given a Trouble Ticket No. and all his contacts are entered in this ticket by the duty technician.
  • After the ticket is generated, the duty technician starts working on the trouble call based on the inputs provided by the customer.
  • All efforts are made to resolve the problem from the NOC, if a field visit is necessary the ticket is handed over to the maintenance technician who is available in the field.
  • Maintenance technician visits the customer site and resolves the problem.
  • Once the problem is resolved, the same is informed to the NOC and the ticket is updated. After customer confirmation on the link status the ticket is closed.